Q: Could you explain what a template TV spot is?

A: We have created the body of the TV spot and left room for voiceover and graphics that are customized for each Oktoberfest event. With the spot already created, you simply add your own copy, logo, event information, pictures, and it’s done. They say you can’t have something good, inexpensive, and high quality at the same time. Our template commercial is all three.

Q: What are the advantages of an animated TV spot for Oktoberfest?  

A: Most Oktoberfests promote themselves as “Fun & Family-oriented”. What better way to reach potential attendees a “fun, family-oriented” spot. We feel animation truly hits…the spot! It’s colorful. It has lots of action. It’s sure to draw the attention of anyone watching their television, computer, or mobile device.   

Q: Do I need to provide OctoberfestPromos.com with any photos?

A:The TV spot already has background Oktoberfest images. We suggest you send a photo of your town for the first scene with the brat and a photo of your event for scene 2. The photos cannot contain pictures of recognizable people for copyright reasons. We can keep the current generic photos if you wish.


Q: What size do the photos need to be?

A: Photos should be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels in order to be of the highest quality. Any type of file will do: jpeg, png, tif, etc.

Q: Can I put my own graphics in the spot?

A: Yes. We have room at the open and close for a large logo. We can put a smaller logo in throughout the spot. We also have spaces for other information: special events, performers and so on that you want to include in the spot. Naturally, you will want to provide us with the logos of any sponsors.


Q: What format do graphics need to be in?

A: For best results, graphics should be a png file with a transparent alpha channel. Tif files are also acceptable. Again, for best results, the file should be about 1920 x 1080 pixels. Because graphics are not always full screen, they can be a little smaller and still hold up their quality.  

Q: How much time is there for voiceover in the spot?  

A: There are about 8 seconds of instrumental into which you insert voiceover. The open for VO is just under 3 seconds. We recommend using that space to introduce the event, such as: “Follow the bouncing brat to the [YOUR EVENT NAME HERE]. The closing tag is just under 5 seconds. Use that time to say your event name, dates, and place.

We can also create a "donut hole" in the spot to give you more time to talk about your event. We will replace the animation with graphics, replace the singing with an instrumental, and add the voiceover. "Donut hole" times can vary according to how much information you have.


Q: Who does the voiceover on the TV spot?

A: We provide the voiceover unless you have your own talent you would like to use. In that event, we will need an MP3 or WAV file of the voiceover.


Q: What are the lyrics to the jingle, “Come on Over to Oktoberfest”?

A: Come on over to Oktoberfest / It’s the biggest (yeah!), it’s the best

Bring your family and bring your friends / Come on over let the fun begin

The brats are hot and the bier is cold / It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old

There’s something for you so be our guest / and come on over to Oktoberfest

Q: Alex Meixner is not performing at my event this year. Can I still use his animated image in my TV spot?  

A: Alex's animated character appears several times in the TV spot. He is singing and playing accordion in his lederhosen. You are certainly welcome to use his image. If you want to replace him, other options are available.  



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